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25 September 2006 @ 11:49 pm
Greengrass, 1372 DR  
I squinted against the bright dawn. The forest reminded me of Cormanthor, which I once called home. It had been many years since I woke by sunlight; after my years in the Underdark, it would take some time to readjust.

I so happened the morning after my escape was a festival day on the surface world--Greengrass, to be specific. While normally I would avoid large groups of humans, I figured the crowds would help me cover my tracks, so I headed toward the distant sounds of early merry-making. Even if my pursuers were to hear reports of a female drow at the festival, the sheer volume of people traveling to and from Silverymoon and various smaller towns would have made make it impossible for them to trace me.

They couldn't quite have been sure it was me, anyway. My new disguise when I reached the surface was simply to cast off my disguise of the previous twelve years. I had managed to get most of the pale yellow dye out of my hair, so it shines white again. Only the tips stubbornly held onto the false color, so I sheared them off with my dagger. I had disposed of my high-heeled boots before even leaving Menzoberranzan. All that remained were my eyes. The spell would wear off in a few days; my eyes were still red, but they would soon revert to silver. I wished it hadn't been necessary to silence the wizard that had cast that spell for m for ten years, but once I was no longer around to provide favors for him, there would be nothing to keep him from talking.

A wonderful world it is, when you have to kill people because you don't want to kill people.

It took most of the morning to reach the festival grounds. The merchants were a little wary of me, but a smart merchant never turns away good gold. I managed to outfit myself with provisions, decent studded armor, and a new cloak; every change in appearance was another step away from detection.

I'd had so few problems that I decided to chance going to a pub in a nearby small town, where some other festival-goers had gathered. The barkeep was polite enough when I tossed him an extra coin, but the other customers, already drunk, weren't so easily distracted. Unwilling to call more attention to myself by fighting, I submitted to more than a few slaps on the rear and a good dowsing with the ale I refused to drink, when suddenly one of the men fell to the ground. I looked over to see an elf girl, about my age, with a drawn sword and a smug expression. She raised an eyebrow at me, and I pulled out my sap.

As I mentioned, the men were drunk, making for an easy fight, but so, it turned out, was the girl, so while she was obviously a capable fighter, she didn't avoid some blows as well as she might have. I managed to trick one of the men into thinking he'd been hit by the man next to him, and soon the few still standing were fighting amongst themselves. Idiots. I gave the barkeep some gold for the damage, and he told me of a somewhat seedy inn across town, where no one is too suspicious to get a room. Worth another coin. And I had plenty; festivals are easy pickings for a pickpocket.

The elf girl started to stagger, so I helped her out of the pub and across town to the inn, where I gave her a healing draught from my pack and put her to bed, such as it was. I kept my dagger at the ready until morning; I wanted to be ready in case anybody come looking for us. Besides, sobriety might have changed the elf's mind about the desirability of my company.