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02 June 2008 @ 04:57 pm
21 Flamerule--Night  
The end of the ordeal was almost anticlimactic. The constable spoke with us once more. This cleric that spoke on my behalf, Betha, apparently grew up in Olostin's Hold, and is well known for her honesty, and with the aftermath of the battle to deal with, Lord Marden simply didn't have the resources to pursue the matter further and accepted her testimony as the truth. Of course, word gradually spread through the town that there were drow present. Lord Marden, however reluctantly, was kind enough to decree that we were not to be harmed, but he made it clear we were not welcome in his town, and "advised" us to leave as quickly as possible. I believe his exact words were "If you're still here in the morning, I will not be responsible for what happens to you." You're welcome, sir, it was a pleasure to help protect your town.

Moreover, I caught wind that there had been some kind of kerfuffle involving the Harpers at the end of the battle. Something having to do with why the orcs attacked to begin with, but Tordrin told Seledra and me that it wasn't anything we needed to know about. Harpers. They want to know everyone else's secrets, but they sure keep their own close. I suppose that explains why they were reluctant to trust Thralia when she first approached them about my situation.

At any rate, between me and the Talaviirs sullying the town the with our mere presence, and the town not really trusting the Harpers for reasons beyond the fact that they were protecting us, we left, without ceremony, without thanks, as soon as we could pack, and believe me, if we could have packed faster, we would have.

I would have liked to speak with Betha again, to thank her, but I didn't see her. I presume she was forcibly kept away from us, but Seledra's cousin, Isioleth, delivered a package to us that someone of Betha's description had handed to her. It was hastily wrapped, and contained some bread and cheese, and some kind of token with Ilmater's sigil on it. There was a note that simply read, "For your journey."

Despite the girl's kindness, all of this really didn't make me excited to continue our trip. Having already accomplished what I needed to do with my fun and games back in Everlund, I'd have just as soon found myself a horse and gone back home. Drow may not be exactly common in Silverymoon, but it's a big enough city that I can find those willing to deal with me, and pretty easily evade the rest. Or maybe I could head to Skullport--if folk like the Talaviirs could come from there, maybe I could blend in and create a place for myself.

Seledra means well, and she's convinced that her family won't bat an eye at me, but even if she's right, it'll be more than her family in this village we're headed to. I sighed. I don't know why she's become so attached to me. She'd be better off without me. She wants to go out and have fun, and she wants me to have fun, but something like Olostin's Hold is going to happen wherever I go. I can't do what she does. I can't just "have fun," unless it's behind closed and heavily barred doors. She takes it for granted that she can go wherever she wants and not be harmed, and I think she thinks that she can bring me along with her and make people accept me by sheer force of will.

But I should try to rest. We should arrive in Amalith before dawn.
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