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03 March 2010 @ 12:34 pm
Shieldmeet 1372  
The townhouse looked so . . . normal. Logically, there was no reason it shouldn’t have, but after all we’d been through the day before, somehow, it felt like a kind of affront that the house was so unaltered. It should have been a comfort.

Seledra and I looked at each other, then at our guards. If it hadn’t been for them, we both might have peeled out of our filthy, ragged finery right there and tossed it in the gods-damned fireplace. At least I might have. I stank of sweat and fear and helplessness, and I hated it.

“Hey, what’s that?” Seledra asked suddenly. One of the guards had picked up a parcel from the bench in the entryway so that he could sit down.

“Oh gods, it’s that cloak.” I replied. I’d forgotten all about it.


“Tordrin gave it to me yesterday when he met me at the festival. A gift.” I rolled my eyes as she took the package from the guard and examined a corner of the fabric.

“Oh,” Seledra said softly. “Maybe . . . maybe that means he really does care about you. Why would he give you a gift if he meant to betray you the very same day?”

“I’ve given plenty of gifts to people I didn’t really give a damn about.”

“It’s very nice . . .” I snatched the package from Seledra.

“Well, then, some vagrant will really appreciate it.” I marched into the sitting room, opened one of the windows, and chucked the parcel outside. “I’m having nothing to do with it. I don’t need gifts from false friends.” Seledra opened her mouth to say something else. “Don’t even start. You’re not convincing me to keep it.”

“Uh . . . A brief rest before we head out for supplies?” Seledra said instead. I nodded, and we headed for our separate rooms without another word.

I let her have her bath first; it gave me some time to examine the things from the festival that the guards hadn’t managed to divest me of.

I sat on my bed and dumped out my purse. I was amazed I still had my purse at all, but the guards had found the Lauthal token before they got that far. There wasn’t much. A small amount of gold, a few trinkets, mostly tawdry tourist trash. One brooch that was potentially valuable.

I shoved it all off the bed. The brooch caught on the sheet where it hung over the side; I pulled it off and whipped it at the wall. As it rolled across the floor, I slumped over onto my side until I heard Seledra finish her bath.
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